“Honey, we won the lottery! Oh, wait a minute…”

by Karen Fried, co-director of The K&M Centerraining money

My dear friend said these words to her son, Jeffrey, and her husband when the school psychologist told them that Jeffrey was eligible to have college tuition paid for by the Department of Rehabilitation.

“Wow,” she thought, “what a gift!”

Then, her second thought was, “Oh boy, they only give this ‘gift’ to students with significant learning and emotional difficulties. My son is one of those students.”

Like many families we work with, my friend advocated for her son. It was only through proper diagnosis and treatment for his learning challenges that college even became an option. Study skills and organization were ongoing struggles.  They used calendars on the walls, on-line calendars, phone alarms, you name it, to keep him on track. She also faced the painful news that Jeffrey’s difficulties were long-term and required consistent support.

Now a freshman in college, Jeffrey recently called home to say while he’s doing well in three classes, he needs to drop his fourth. He couldn’t finish the required assignment in time and thought it was better to drop it rather than receive an F. Curious, she went online to his course load on the college website to see the one class he was dropping. The name of this class? TIME MANAGEMENT

To see the kinds of exercises and checklists that students like Jeffrey and countless others have benefitted from, check out The K&M Center Executive Functioning Workbook.  You can also check out the K&M Executive Functioning Program for more information including a free executive functioning questionairre.


Have questions?  Feel free to contact The K&M Center at 1-310-582-1563 ext 102. 


About Karen Fried PsyD MFT

Karen is the co-founder and co-director of The K&M Center, an educational therapy center in Santa Monica, California.
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