“Don’t Worry, I Know it Like the Back of My…Head”

by Karen Fried, co-director of The K&M Center

boy unhappy studying on couchThese words, told to me by one of my students, were supposed to reassure me that despite my worry, he really was ready for his test. Instead, I thought, “Uh oh, he doesn’t get it.”

I could see that he was still confused about idiomatic phrases and he may have been revealing how little content he actually had mastered for this test. While very bright and confident, some students have language processing difficulties that affect their verbal expression, as well as their ability to learn academic material. As a result:

  • They might say the wrong thing in conversation and not realize it until everybody laughs.
  • They don’t do as well on tests as they think they do.

Our goal for students is to back up their confidence with actual mastery. What we know is that language processing problems can be fixed and these students don’t have to continue making inadvertent errors. The plan for this student included remediation in language processing and executive functioning skills using the K&M Center Executive Functioning program.

Please call our center at 1-310-582-1563 ext 102 to receive help in these or other areas of the learning process.


About Karen Fried PsyD MFT

Karen is the co-founder and co-director of The K&M Center, an educational therapy center in Santa Monica, California.
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